To begin we will briefly summarise the key statistics on the indicators of our unsustainable life styles. This provides a context to why we should we act, and how we can create a lifestyle that maintains our current qualities but with an ecological sensitivity.

Since the oil crisis of 1973 the frequency of noticeable and reported environmental crisis have increased. Ranging from unusually severe climatic changes to man-made polluting events.

Underlying these events are simple causes that we perpetuate in our everyday life:

The root of the problem is in what we are using the resources for and why.

Obviously, if every nation tried to consume the same this would lead to destruction and conflict.

Central to our consumption is our use of hydrocarbon to power our economies.

Greenhouse gases CO2 etc are the main contributor to global climatic disruption that ultimately affects on the ability of the poorer countries to provide for themselves.

Latest Climatic Models show that we must reduce CO2 emissions down by 80% to stabilise current climatic irregularities.

This means reducing emissions to:

Total UK emissions of 36 Million Tonnes per year

0.6 Tonnes of CO2 per person

6 kg CO2/m2 for buildings

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